Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meet Sugar & Spice, my furry friends

These are two wild dogs that used to roam Camp Arifjan (where I work). Sugar (the white one) was wary of people but Spice (the brown one) was instantly my friend. I used to buy her bones & treats...she was wonderful. Because animals carry diseases, stray cats and dogs are caught by animal control and God only knows what happens to them. I'd like to think my buddy Spice was adopted by a nice family...she was a sweetheart and I will always remember her.

Out and About

Pictures of Hari and I around Kuwait City showing the skyline. As you can see, it's very modern.

The Famous Kuwaiti Towers

These towers are to Kuwait like the Sears Tower is to Chicago, a real popular landmark. I always like to see them, during the day or night. That's Hari & I in the observation deck.

Fun in Kuwait

For entertainment, it's common to go by the beach and walk around. Hari and I are here by a marina, which is by a shopping mall which happens to have a theater! We recently saw Iron Man. Hari likes to dream one day he'll own a boat and a Mercedes, ha ha

My plants

Noemi left me her plants before she went to Iraq. I love having those two with me...they've really grown!

Some market pics of Egypt

The Sphinx & The Nile

A few more pics of Egypt. The one next to the sphinx shows what the pyramids look like up close.

Inside the pyramids

As you can see, Alex is by one of the entrances to the pyramids. It's small, dark, musty smelling and I had no desire to go in! Alex was kind enough to take a picture for me though.

A well deserved break

My buddy Michael didn't waste a chance to rest when we stopped to take pictures.

The young man is Alex, my guide.

My friend, Michael Jackson the CAMEL!

Yes, his name was Michael Jackson and he was a sweetheart. You have to ride either a camel or a horse when touring the pyramids. You know me, I think it's animal cruelty to have these poor animals working all day and I really didn't want to ride him, but it was fun. (My butt hurt for two days after the ride!)


Back in December, I spent a week in Cairo, Egypt. I enjoyed seeing the pyramids.

Pics of me and my friend Hari

Me and Hari. Note how we wear the same color shirt. And check me out in the black t-shirt! I've lightened my hair!

Kuwait City skyline

The needle looking tower on the right is the Kuwait Freedom Tower built after the first Gulf War.


There are many little stores around called "bakala's". They sell everything. I found out recently that this one, right by my home, sells everything higher priced than others because of the Americans living nearby.

My view

This is the gorgeous view of the Persian Gulf from my balcony. When the tide goes out, the air has that stinky fish smell, but overall, no complaints.

This is home

This is Blue Tower Fintas, my home away from home. Fancy, huh? :-)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Not a coconut tree!

Here I'm by a date tree. They look like fat coconut trees. I don't know if dates are in season, but I'll be on the lookout for them hanging from the trees and I'll take a pic.

By the gulf

It looks like I'm by the ocean, but it's the really the Persian Gulf. It actually reminds me of Lake Michigan because the waves don't get very high. You may also notice a hazy sky-that's due to the dust in the air. I'll be sure to get a picture of one of our many dust storms.

Hello from Kuwait

Hello Family & Friends,

I've been wanting to start a blog for a while now and given that I've enjoyed viewing my sister's, I figured it was time to take some pictures and write about the wonderful experiences I am having here.
To start off, here I am in front of some flowers-which truly are a rarity to see around here- in Salmiya, Kuwait.