Sunday, June 22, 2008

The famous Friday Market

This is a huge flea market that sells everything. The only thing I don't like is the vendors don't bargain. But it's nice to go look around and see what they have.

Found some dates

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meet Sugar & Spice, my furry friends

These are two wild dogs that used to roam Camp Arifjan (where I work). Sugar (the white one) was wary of people but Spice (the brown one) was instantly my friend. I used to buy her bones & treats...she was wonderful. Because animals carry diseases, stray cats and dogs are caught by animal control and God only knows what happens to them. I'd like to think my buddy Spice was adopted by a nice family...she was a sweetheart and I will always remember her.

Out and About

Pictures of Hari and I around Kuwait City showing the skyline. As you can see, it's very modern.

The Famous Kuwaiti Towers

These towers are to Kuwait like the Sears Tower is to Chicago, a real popular landmark. I always like to see them, during the day or night. That's Hari & I in the observation deck.

Fun in Kuwait

For entertainment, it's common to go by the beach and walk around. Hari and I are here by a marina, which is by a shopping mall which happens to have a theater! We recently saw Iron Man. Hari likes to dream one day he'll own a boat and a Mercedes, ha ha

My plants

Noemi left me her plants before she went to Iraq. I love having those two with me...they've really grown!